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When selling your home how should you choose the agent who will represent you? Should you make your decision based on experience, training, or reputation?

Look for an individual who consistently outperforms others as a real estate representative. Look for traits such as enthusiasm, empathy, perseverence, extensive knowledge, and a firm commitment to the business. All are important to the success of your agent.

Commitment to the achievement of your selling objectives is critical. Would you expect any less from your agent? An in-depth base of knowledge is also essential. That knowledge comes from several sources. Formal education and training provide the background, however it is the daily contact with lenders, attorneys, buyers, sellers, and other agents which best educates the agent. Look for an agent who regularly pursues additional training and is active in the local real estate market.

Empathy and enthusiasm can be found together in the successful agent. Look for a person who listens carefully to what you say, and responds with energy, a good attitude and a smile. Such an agent will attract buyers too.

A reputation for perseverance should be evident too. Look for an agent willing to repeat the same tasks over and over without quitting. Locating buyers is accomplished through the exercise of determination in the face of rejection. It means not giving up - no matter what.

When choosing an agent to sell your home, ask questions - lots of them. Look for traits that indicate success, then back the efforts of your agent 100%!

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